Winter is coming and Coco needs a jacket!

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Parrots may be able to talk, but they aren't always able to express precisely what they want and what they need. Sometimes you can see it in their behaviour, though. When a parrot begins to pluck at its own feathers, it probably doesn’t feel at home in its own skin - or rather, its plumage.

We now know parrots like to be challenged, so we want to find out what they like most. This means that for parrots like Coco we want to develop new feed enrichments that present the parrots with a mental and physical challenge, allowing them to display their natural behaviour as they would in the wild.  

What do we need? 

We need €1000 to provide Coco and two of his friends with feed enrichments for one whole year. That way, they'll  pluck something other than their feathers.