Cats and dogs healthily bred

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The problem

The most common serious diseases in cats and dogs are all genetic in nature, and even if the animals themselves are not sick, they can pass the condition on to their descendants.

Our goal

Our ambition is to ensure that all of the kittens and puppies born in the future are born without genetic defects.

To that end, the vets and researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine founded the Companion Animal Genetics Expertise Centre. 

In their molecular genetic lab, they develop DNA tests that can be used to effectively breed diseases out of the population. We are also working on developing an advanced breeding supervision programme, which utilises genetic data among other tools.

The result

Together, we're working towards a future where all dogs and cats are healthily bred. But to get there, we need your support. 

Help us today for a better tomorrow for our cats and dogs! 


Who I am

I am Dr. Hille Fieten, genetic epidemiologist and European specialist in internal medicine for companion animals at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Health of Companion Animals. 

What I do

In addition to my work as a specialist veterinarian in the University Companion Animal Clinic, I am also the project leader of the Companion Animal Genetic Expertise Centre. 

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Our goal and our funding target 

With our target amount of € 100,000, we can fund the preliminary development of the breeding supervision programme, which will eventually be made available for every dog in the Netherlands.